Minichiello Performance & Lifestyle (MPL)

Corrective Exercise, Holistic Lifestyle & Performance Coach

Foundations of Health

Remember, optimal health and vitality begins with these six Foundational Pillars

  • Breathing.  
    • By taking some time to direct attention to nothing but the breath, brings you back to the present and can, when combined with proper breathing techniques, have a whole host of benefits including the ability to balance your emotions, boost metabolism, improve neurotransmitter production, regulate hormones and so much more. The breath is one of the most potent and free tactics to decrease stress, fix your nervous system and even change your genetics. 
  • Hydration.  
    • We all know that water is essential for the body, however most are unaware just how vital great water is for our wellbeing. Our bodies are composed of up to 75% water, it plays many key roles. Most importantly to maintain a balanced environment inside and around our cells, allowing us to acquire sufficient nutrition and aiding the elimination of waste and toxins.
      Simply drinking good quality water everyday can ease or prevent many health issues. Your blood, lymphatic fluid, reproductive fluids, mucus, tears, saliva, and virtually every fluid in your body are made up of water. So, why would we feed our bodies anything other than the best water possible? Water from nature is ALIVE, it is packed full of information, nutrients, minerals and life force energy for our bodies to use up.  
  • Nutrition. 
    •  No matter what diet you are lead to follow or what superfood you are being sold as the next best cure to all your problems, whatever your health goals, the number one, simplest change you can make is removing the processed, chemical laden, adulterated “foods” from your diet & replacing them with nourishing, nutrient dense, organic wholefoods. Whole foods are packed with all the nourishing vitamins, minerals and macronutrients your body needs to thrive and do what it naturally is meant to do to keep you well. It is now more important than ever to be consuming a wide variety of organic, nutrient dense wholefoods that are going to support all the systems of your body & help protect them from the daily battles they face. 
  • Sleep. 
    • Sleep is one of the most important restorative practices we can do for our health, we cannot survive without it. This is when our bodies detoxify the brain, repair damaged cells and tissues, regulate hormones and bring the body back into homeostasis. Creating a sleep sanctuary and night time routine can be the most effective way to improve your sleep. Making sleep a priority will give your body the much needed TLC it needs. Sleep should never be sacrificed it plays too big a role on our overall health and wellbeing.
  • Movement.  
    • Functional exercise are movements that mimic everyday activities. These exercises can be modified to suit both beginner and advanced exercise routines. Movement has so many factors we must consider if you want to get the best out of your body. Posture is the beginning and end point of all movement - the body functions best when in good posture. Good posture means the ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle should all be in line, bad posture not only affects body structure but effects your breathing pattern. Poor posture and muscle imbalances are a result of misuse. Some of our muscles react to faulty loading by shortening, tightening and becoming hyperactive, other muscles do the opposite, they become longer and weaker when exposed to the same stressors. If you have poor posture or have been injured then your body is out of balance, so before exercising you must attempt to lengthen the short tight muscles and strengthen or tighten the long or weak muscles to bring the body back into balance. The last thing you want, is to turn your attempts to achieve a healthy body through exercise into long-term ailments.
  • Mindset.  
    • Healthy thoughts create healthy bodies, our thoughts create our reality. A positive outlook on life is essential to achieve success whatever that may look like to you. We have the ability to change our thinking every single second, make it a habit to look for the good in any situation. If you change your perception you change your experience.