Minichiello Performance & Lifestyle (MPL)

Corrective Exercise, Holistic Lifestyle & Performance Coach


There comes a time in everyones career when your health and longevity means more to you then any trophy, external recognition or materialistic object. You realise that life is more about the experiences you create with the people and loved ones around you and the contribution you can make to others along the way.

Performance and Lifestyle Coaching is a way I can pass on my knowledge and serve others by helping individuals reclaim their health and vitality. The impact of helping just one person can have a ripple effect on so many others, creating more awareness around the issues we are all facing today.

As a professional athlete for 20 years, I strived for excellence in every area of my sport. The dedication, sacrifice and hard work took extreme internal discipline, as the focus to be the best version of myself and to achieve team success was always number one. Along my journey I have grown and developed knowledge and a deep understanding of how my body functions as an integrated system and learned that working out is not the be all and end all of performance or life for that matter. No matter how hard you work in the gym or obsess about counting calories, if you don't focus on balancing all aspects of LIFE, your body cannot be in alignment, therefore impacting your health and performance goals.

When all your body systems are working synergistically together, with physical, mental and emotional clarity and connection, I like to call this our “Flow State". Getting in the flow state means all systems are in balance and working in harmony with each other. As an elite athlete I realised early on in my career that this state of flow was necessary to keep me performing optimally whilst maintaining mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health both on and off the field. Over the years of much trial and error, hours of research, study and experimentation, I have developed what I believe are our 6 Fundamental Pillars to achieving optimal health, longevity and basically living in a FLOW state.


"Knowledge isn’t power, the application of knowledge is power!" 

Take the power into your own hands and apply for a consult today.

Wishing you Radiant health,